Innovation Factory - Losone

“If you ask a fisherman, the fish of yesteryear were always bigger. We, fishermen are like that, we live of memories, of good times, of adventures to tell a hundred, a thousand times” 

Giuliano is an old fisherman from Losone on the banks of Maggia and Melezza, he grew up throwing thousands of times the line in search of the appetite of a trout. 

He saw those banks surrounded by new settlements: industrial, commercial, residential. The waters continued to flow but society and the economy changed.

For example, GF Machining Solutions (Georg Fisher), a world class Swiss company had two poles in Losone: one in Saleggi, the other in Zandone.

The choice was concentrate the activities in one location, the second. And think of new destination for the first. And also for the banks loved by Giuliano, things have changed (and this time he cannot say it was better). 


Historical context 

Between 7 and 8 August 1978 Ticino was hit by its most devastating na-tural disaster of the last century. The toll was 7 deaths. In Losone the waters of Maggia and Melezza overflowed bringing destruction. 

Almost 40 years later, in 2016, atelier ribo+ was asked to identify a vision of reactivation of the Saleggi headquarters, thus the idea of Innovation Factory of the Georg Fisher group was born. 

In 2017 he was responsible for planning the expansion of the headquarters in Zandone (Melezza). 

In 2020, the Zandone headquarters began a process of renewal, growing and expanding, gradually leaving the headquarters of the Saleggi free to transform and acquire a new identity, thanks to the leadership of a new property that has the city and the canton at heart. 

The contribution of atelier ribo+ was 360 degrees, involving all sectors: Arches and landscapes, in the definition of the two projects of reactivation. Advising, accompanying the client in the sharing of a strategy of cession of the property of the Rooms, that not only considered the times and the processes of displacement and renewal in course, but also characterized more scenarios of reactivation-economically sustainable and that would make attractive an artistic property and architecturally linked to its original function. 

The two locations were born and grew over the years both as Agie Charmiles first locations, GF Machining Solutions after. Two production and administrative plants that have both characterized the life and economy of Losone. 


Innovative choice

Atelier ribo+ has received a mandate from GF Machining Solutions for its competence in the reactivation of the built heritage. This project also saw the sectors of atelier ribo+ working in an integrated manner. 

It started with a market analysis to identify uses that could be economically viable. It was then identified how to operate for their inclusion in the territorial context. 

Finally, the site was reconverted into a commercial project, promoting its purchase to interested parties. 

The Innovation Factory operation, beyond the aspect of architectural intervention on the buildings, has allowed the approach between the area, now part of the urban fabric, and the river bank of the Maggia River to be remodelled, creating a close relationship with it and a natural extension within the district. A choice that highlights the company’s social and environmental responsibility and creates not only an opportunity for new economic wealth, but also for greater liveability of the area. 



There are historical moments in which currents change. Technologies are changing, markets are evolving and enterprises must be able to adapt, optimize assets and improve efficiency. But we must pay attention to the currents, we must not let ourselves be carried away, if we want to be fruitful we must know how to climb them again, as do trout or salmon to lay their eggs.

Going up the stream means understanding the socio-economic dynamics of the territory in which we operate, activating relationships with stakeholders, offering innovative and sustainable.

It is not easy to swim against the stream, but it is the only way to start again with greater speed and a long descent in front of us.