Player in a territory that includes natural beauties, historical and artistical locations and, in general, compositions of aesthetic, functional and symbolic features that tell the story of an open space, be it public or private. Landscape architecture takes care of planning and designing these free spaces, inside and outside urban areas. With creativity and methodology, it goes beyond the disciplinary limits and the scale differences to give new relation scenarios between nature, art and architecture, contributing to shape and mold, with great care, spaces where man can live, taking the local culture into account.

Landscapes Manager

Sara Anzi

Landscape design is a logical and natural consequence of the architectural project, an enrichment and development of the free spaces in-between the buildings. We guarantee the delivery of a faithful and qualitative vision, that respects the context and is stretched toward a unique and precious identity.

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Via del Ceneri

From Passo del Ceneri, where the production of Ticino Square, symbolic element of a dynamic Ticino, is expected for 2020, thanks to Alptransit, to the station of Cadenazzo, along the old brigand’s trails, through Robasacco. Through the thematic itinerary called “Via del Ceneri” important cultural, infrastructural, environmental and lascaping elements are rediscovered. The reactivation and networking of these excellences brings an added value and a unique wealth to the territory of three regions, three districts and three towns, along the historical path of the Gottardo.

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Bulle – landscape architecture

The new “Jardins de la Pâla” neighborhood, taking shape on the Bulle Arsenal militaire, is born, as the name suggests, from the concept of “garden”. The future park is the structuring element in the design vision: a green and flowery district, with few cars on the surface to give space to the walk, be it for pedestrians or bicycles.
The area will hold modern residences, served by nearby commercial areas and other services, including a new business hôtel.
Atelier ribo cooperated to the masterplan definition in consortium with other architecture firms (Team Architectes JDLP) and takes care of the design and the production of the Hôtel (expected for this area), as well as the reactivation of Halle Landi, catalyst of the district and collarbone of Trait-d’-Union for the future development of the adjoining neighborhood “Pâle 43”. Team Architectes becomes, in fact, jury for a parallel study mandate that sees a winner in the concept of cluster for the new green core district, relating to the existing density of the surrounding Bulle urban fabric.

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Paths without barriers – Acquarossa Track

The track without barriers of Acquarossa is born from an idea of atelier ribo embraced and promoted by the “Ente Regionale di Sviluppo Bellinzonese e Valli” with the goal of integrating the cantonal network of hiking and pedestrian trails with offers explicitly dedicated to a disadvantaged user base, be it disabled by physical and motor difficulties, specific categories like women with strollers and families with kids, the elderly, disabled sportsmen…
The circuit creation is the right occasion to integrate interesting and sensitive themes like historic roads renovation and cultural heritage reactivation, which is often found along these trails.
The goal is also to target adjoining areas to the cities, in order to create places of leisure connected to the urban centerpoints, but able to distribute the appeal along the whole territory.

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