Douro - A new horizon 

Elective affinities exist? At the ribo+ atelier, we think so, and between Ticino and the Douro Valley, there are many similarities. First of all, there is a river that baptises territories, there is water as a symbol of life and a way of connection.

There are places shaped by heroic agriculture, which has created unique landscapes with terracing, in a continuous confrontation with the environment. There is a culture that is both Latin and mountainous: creativity and tradition. Add to this the fact that the wife of the atelier’s founder is Portuguese, and the destiny is sealed. 

Thus was born the branch on Lusitana land of atelier ribo+, the geographical coordinates change but not the mission. The commitment is still twofold, but with an integrated vision: 

• reactivation of deserving built heritage (fifths, bourgeois buildings); 

• reactivation of natural heritage (urban and non-urban landscapes). 

UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The Alto Douro Wine Region is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This implies special attention in the quality of architectural and landscape interventions.

A quality that is guaranteed by the atelier culture, based on ‘swissness’. Swiss precision is combined with the style, creativity and good taste of Italian design. Two essential characteristics for dealing with issues such as transformative tourism and climate change.