The setting, accompaniment and management of a mandate are fundamental aspects for the design, materialization and preservation of the established asset. For this reason, in each project, independently from its theme and area, we use a professional and qualified approach. There are different services that, enhanced by the multidisciplinary nature of a consulting architect, make us able to help the customer through advices that will drive him to reach his goals.

Consulting Manager

Michele Letardi

Being interested, enterprising and willing to answer in a complete way to the customer’s needs has always pushed us to fulfill tasks that are complementary to the ones traditionally performed by the architect. That’s how, with peculiarity and passion, the consulting area completes the services of our atelier.

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Innovation Factory

GF Machining Solutions, a swiss company of worldwide relevance, is now in Ticino with two centers in the town of Losone. To rationalize its own resources, GF decided to focus its activities in the Zandone headquarters, starting the search for a new owner for the Saleggi headquarters. The started strategy brought GF to atelier ribo, consulting architect with high ability in the reactivation of the established asset, that immediately activated and drafted a market analysis to locate the commercially viable destinations, verify their insertion and consequently develop a coordinated reactivation concept for the Saleggi property, in order to promote its future value towards potential buyers.

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Al Tiglio and Al Ciliegio Residences

The project is based on the desire of the customer to actualize a quality of income residence in perfect harmony with the modern lifestyle.
To guarantee the start of a solid project on the regulatory and financial aspect, preliminary studies have been made to define the content types in relation to their location, identifying the parameters that steered the project development.
This analysis process allowed to determine an ideal setting that is also sustainable from a revenue standpoint, which is necessary for the financing of the project and the start of a sustainable and rational design phase.
Complementary to that, it’s provided aid to the customer regarding the location sponsorship, through the elaboration of promotional and operational documentation by using innovative applications.

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Dolce Vita Residence

The project consists in the conversion of an old telephone exchange into a new residence, housing 48 apartments, administrative spaces and the relative accessory areas. The mandate assignment happened through an on-invite architecture competition launched by a private investor.
The consulting sector took care of the analysis in order to make the project sustainable from a revenue standpoint, necessary to understand if it would be better to convert the previously existing massive building, or proceed to its demolition (keeping and adapting the 3 underground levels) and the construction of a whole new building. The analysis allowed to identify the creation of a new building as the ideal solution.
During the next project phases, the investor was accompanied in the definition of the financing and the contract of the whole enterprise. Up to the conclusion, we took the role of customer representative with the enterprise, supporting them in the management of the project.

Selection of projects

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