The art of creating places where humans live and have life experiences. A significant definition of the architecture sector activity, that analyzes, designs and makes spaces to serve humans and values the future of our territory. With passion, sensitivity and innovative proposals we face every topic head-on: from the workspace, to the historic good to the new multifunctional unit. Thanks to our 20 years of experience we guide our customers step by step during the creative process, the planning, up to the work completion and its activation.

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Monica Rossin

The human and its interaction with space are at the center of our methodology. A challenge that we face with soundness, creativity and rationality. We are at your side, with our multidisciplinary and experienced team, in order to realize your project and maximize the potential of your property.

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Tamaro Village

A great public value project in the area of Tamaro Park which completes the offering of the famous Splash&Spa water park, Mount Tamaro and the Ceneri camping site, in order to contribute in favor of one of the biggest national touristic recipients, Tamaro Park.
The atelier offers a completion project to further develop tourism and hospitality in the area, by making a hotel, commercial areas, a touristic info point and the complete rethinking of its connections. The whole picture is completed by an area arranged for food and beverages, a sports medical facility, administrative offices and a conference area.
The goal is to include public spaces that are attractive and ideal for social meetings in the urban fabric, that will contribute to the consolidation of this important territorial magnet.

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Halle Landi

The project turns on the 4th life of Halle Landi as a precious element, which has to be safeguarded and reinforced: beating heart of the future residential area “Les Jardins de la Pâla”.
With the will to act while giving the structure its due respect, it is intended to preserve the cover and the historical layers. Light permeability will be increased by replacing the main front with a more open one. Its commercial, administrative and culinary purposes, with an architecture centered around the acoustic, ventilation and both natural and artificial light, will allow the structure to become a true beacon in the future area and to bring added value to all the district residents.

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Casa dei Landfogti realization

Stopping point of strategic importance from the 16th to the 18th century, Palazzo Landfogti is a unique piece of historical testimony in Ticino.
Federal protection, active from 1911, couldn’t avoid the demolitions endured by the building for the cantonal road widening of 1960, resulting in its current image.
Appointed by Monteceneri city hall, atelier ribo+ elaborated a feasibility study guaranteeing the historical reconstruction and the definition of a global reactivation concept strongly desired by the cantonal authorities as well.
The proposed intervention provides:
– The preservation and restoration of the safeguarded buildings (with areas for exhibitions and meetings) and the building of a new vertical connection element to harmonize the district profile.
– The building of a new space replacing the non-safeguarded building (with mixed activities, like a reception, info point and a small bistrot), in a backward position compared to the main building, so that it can have maximum visibility from the cantonal road.
Therefore the goal is to give back to this building its strong historical, making it a new cultural center, witness and starter of the various points of interest in the region.

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