“Dolce Vita” in Muralto

An ideal place in which to live or have a second home, a paradise between Ticino’s lake and mountains.

Residenza Dolce Vita a Muralto è un nuovo e moderno complesso, perfettamente inserito nel contesto del territorio. Chi ama il Ticino, il suo clima mediterraneo, le sue bellezze paesaggistiche, la sua cucina e i suoi vini, troverà in questa residenza il luogo ideale per “viverlo”. La posizione strategica, nel cuore del locarnese, e la sua caratteristica “a terrazze”, come i vigneti ticinesi, rende Residenza Dolce Vita davvero unica.

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How did our new logo come to life?

Our new logo clearly conveys a sense of ribo’s evolution as well as its awareness-rich, responsible approach. Clean-cut, essential and solid, the new logo encapsulates, together with the + symbol, the added value of our professional approach, reinforced by the word atelier = studio, which highlights the artistic, dynamic nature of the workplace where our projects and ideas take shape. We invite you to watch the video showing the stages of creation of the new logo by Giovanni Sciuchetti, of KeyDesign SA.

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Re-activation of the Precassino Mill

The mill and its press are an important legacy in the history of Cadenazzo and they have been ‘rediscovered’ and evaluated over this past decade. That which used to appear as ruins in the middle of the woods is now a valuable asset within a unique geomorphologic context in which the geological component of the rocks evocatively bears witness to the Ice Age.

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