Nature inspires atelier ribo+ in the creation of two new, innovative concrete-sheet collections

Concrete’s great plasticity and refined physical-chemical characteristics make this centuries-old material one of a kind.

With the shared objective of looking for a new identity through design – uniting style, culture and functionality – there comes into being a significant synergy between Coffra Suisse, a firm whose success is based on its ongoing search for innovative precast concrete products, and atelier ribo+. A synergy that, since 2016, has resulted in a new collection of innovative concrete sheets with high-standard, truly exclusive aesthetic finishings.

Nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, influences the art of architect Christian Rivola and his team of planners and designers. Following an accurate process of research and design, eight different textures have been created and divided into two sophisticated collections: ElementsLine, inspired by the four basic elements (air, water, fire, earth), and Seasonsline, which narrates the four Swiss seasons. From a technical point of view, the innovative concrete sheets manufactured by Coffra Suisse are part of a new generation of prefab non-bearing concrete products (self-bearing, bearing and suspended), which allow for sequential building-yard advancement and for other important advantages when compared to traditional systems. Thanks to the collaboration with atelier ribo+, this innovative, durable, secure, efficacious and affordable building system is now offered in the new collections by Christian Rivola, who has taken on the challenge of elaborating a design consistent with a firm such as Coffra Suisse, “in order to have the opportunity to assign a solid identity to an architectural ‘skin’ through design”.

In particular, where the collection that draws inspiration from the four Swiss seasons is concerned, atelier ribo+’s architects and its designer have achieved the best possible expression of the typical seasonal aspects of Switzerland: spring, the season of re-awakening, with its extensive, rich grass carpet in the country’s forests; summer, when each blossom is part of an ensemble and one cannot make out each of the single little flowers that, in unison, bedeck the alpine pastures with colour; autumn, a second springtime of sorts, the season in which the Swiss forests’ leaves brighten up as if they themselves were flowers; and finally winter, when the cold wind blows between the leafless branches and a vivid white adorns trees with a special, enchanting light.


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